Overcoming Suicide

It often takes a lot to push an individual to the ledge. Their toes curl around the edge gripping to one last bit of humanity. Looking downward at what seems to be the sole resolution […]

It Is Never The Answer

The topic of suicide prevention has once again become a focal point of discussion following two more celebrity suicides. RIP Katie Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Whenever I hear the news of another suicide whether it […]

Down, But Not Out

All I can say is depression is a bitch. Not the fun kind of bitch that makes snarky comments and everyone giggles. It is the Regina George of mental health. It knocked me on my […]

Hindsight, Foresight, The Connection

We live in a unique time period and one that the world has never seen before. If you feel like watching a movie tonight, you can pull up your Netflix or Hulu account without leaving […]

Open the Door

I’ve seen a lot of shit. In both my personal and professional life, I have either heard, seen, or experienced unimaginable events good and bad. Therefore, I developed an uncanny ability to bounce back quickly. […]

When Is It Okay to Pull Back?

Not many things make me happier than helping someone – especially a close friend or family member. Helping out brings me a sense of purpose. There is a breaking¬† point however where it goes from […]

I Am Poem

All the time I emphasize the importance of insight. If self-care is a journey, insight is the compass. Sometimes the hardest part of embarking on such a trek is simply knowing where to start. This […]