The Word Should

My broken ankle throbbed throughout the night, making sleeping comfortably impossible. In an effort to get sleep a little longer, I cancelled my first two appointment of the day and moved another to later in […]

It’s Always There

“I have a secret to tell you. You know it’s always there — in the back of your mind.” I oversaw a small partial care program for roughly two years. Roughly 15 to 20 clients […]

In for the Long Haul

I admit that I can get away with things as a community-based mental health counselor that the average counselor dreams of. I get to take my clients out into the community to parks, restaurants, community […]

100 Everyday Self-Care Ideas

When the average person envisions self-care, they often imagine laying back in a beach chair or sprawleId out on a massage table. These are wonderful ways to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. However, how […]

The Power of Understanding

Working as an in-home counselor, I can do things that typical counselors cannot. Just the other day I took one of my clients out to lunch for our session. This young man has been on […]

Vicarious Trauma

This week was rough. My mental health took a toll on me. I recently transitioned between jobs. I was working two counseling jobs, easily adding up to sixty hours a week. This was all while […]

What Therapy Is and Isn’t

As a psychotherapist on the cusp of being independently licensed, my past few years in the field have been quite emotionally draining.  My personal licensing process has involved countless hours of conducting therapy sessions (group, […]