Humor and Its Benefits

I am a psychic. I can prove it. Stop what you are doing…Take a moment…Let your guard down…Reach down to the back of your subconscious…Think back to your best times…Feel as though you are back […]

Sexual Violence and Self-Care

After working in the mental health field for nearly a decade, you would think that there are few things that could catch me off guard. One particular area though always plucks at my heartstrings; Listening […]

Grieving The Abstract

As a mental health counselor, you think you’ve heard it all. The other night though a young man I am working with caught me off guard. This poor guy had been through it all in […]

Taking It To The Next Level

A major decision has been weighing heavy on my mind for several months. For those of you who do not know, I am a mental health counselor in a specialized program for young adults experiencing […]

Active Listening

Listening is a process that requires your full participation and focusing your full attention on the intended audience. Listening is a commitment to understanding how others feel and seeing their perspective. This means putting aside […]

One Minute Mindfulness

I miss being a kid. I played with toy cars, superheroes, and stuffed animals. I went outside from sunup to sundown, coming in for lunch. I made sure not to miss my favorite cartoons on […]

Spirituality and Self-Care

Improvements in self-care often involve clear suggestions. For instance, if someone wants to lose weight, the individuals can define specific goals and tangible steps to take towards those goals. They can exercise, eat a proper […]