Month: August 2017

Goals Vs. Expectations

A few days ago, I was getting to know a new client during an initial session. Usually, the first session or two is getting to understand the primary issues and identifying treatment goals. While he […]

The Ongoing Struggle

With every entry I post, I input a minute piece of myself. It helps me to write about the experience. Today is no different. Every few weeks, I find myself falling backwards into a depressive […]


I have had several peers reach out to me since I started this blog. They all said they found the information helpful (which I greatly appreciate hearing by the way), but they were still struggling. […]

One Way to Develop Self-Care Insight

As part of my personality and profession, I like to think I am good at provide suggestions and helping others process their way through a plethora of difficult situations. Where I struggle is being able […]

Validating Yourself

On nearly every job interview I have gone on, it starts off with the same question. “Tell us about yourself.” It takes every ounce of strength for me not to cringe hearing those words exit […]