Using the Internet for Self-Care

To think that 150 years ago, it was considered a wonder that a letter could be delivered in just ten days by way of horseback. Now, we can put up news from across the world, receive a text message in the matter of seconds, and video chat with our loved ones on minute electronic devices that fit in your pocket or small bag.

This interconnected network we call the internet had made us more in touch as a society than ever before. It has made our lives easier and more difficult simultaneously. I will be the first to acknowledge that there are risks involved with technology and that internet use should always be done with caution. However, I wanted to discuss how the internet can assist us with our own self-care.

Accessing Information. We all have that one friend who pulls out their phones to fact check every little detail in conversation. How can we blame them though with such easily accessible information in the palm of their hand? If you have a question, you can say “Ok Google/Siri, blah blah blah” and you have your answer. When it comes to self-care, there is infinite amounts of information that you can utilize to help yourself. You can find nearly all of this information for free too.

Influential Community. Not only is this information at your fingertips, but it is usually coming straight from the source. I regularly find webinars, videos, blogs, research articles, and posts from top experts. Some top notch universities are even offering free online courses surrounding psychology and self-care. Experts often offer themselves to Q&A sessions either through forums or live chat sessions.

Sharing and Supporting. One of my favorite aspects of the internet is that it brings people from all walks of life together for a single cause/topic. I am part of several Facebook groups and forums for self-care. They offer an opportunity for reciprocity. If you find yourself struggling with a specific aspect of self-care, the odds are that someone else has been there. You can share your issues, and others on their self-care journey will provide input. You can also give feedback on posts to show your support. It is sometimes good to know you are not alone on this journey.

Special Note: As I mentioned earlier, the internet can be a dangerous place. Please ensure that your sources are legitimate and that information is accurate. Be careful with what groups or forums you join. Be mindful with what you put out there.

-The Caring Counselor

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