Making the Connections

I will admit that this website drastically surpassed any expectations I ever had. This  initially started off as an idea that my counselor and I discussed to simply share my thoughts on self-care. I figured if I could help even one person along the way that my job was done. However, traffic has increased by over 800% in the last six months. The demand has put on the pressure to provide consistent quality content.

I spent the last week to reflect on my entries and tapped into my cognitive flexibility. I thought about what direction I want to take with this website. For instance, I have been talking to writers/bloggers from other areas of wellness (i.e. personal trainers, mindfulness coaches, social workers, teachers, artists, etc.) to become regulars and guest bloggers on this site. This will offer fresh perspectives on self-care outside of a mental health counselor and experts on areas I might not be as well-versed. One concern that came up in my discussions with these writers was a fear of repetition. In my reflection, this passed through my mind too. I started feeling as though I was becoming repetitive in my own entries the last month or two. I rationalized with it though because all of these concepts are connected. They are all parts of self-care. There will be some repetition, and repetition is not always a bad thing. It simply reinforces the importance of the idea and their role in self-care. It is all part of developing insight into ourselves.

With that being said, I have some big plans for the site including new writers, contests, social media , and even throwing around the idea of a podcast. Thank you all for being there with me on this journey. Your company has been, is, and will be much appreciated.

-The Caring Counselor


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