Month: December 2017

New Year, New Me

As the year comes to a close, the hot topic around the water cooler is New Year’s resolutions.  The barrage of questions comes in. “What are you gonna work on?” “You tryna lose weight like everyone […]

The Myth of “Rock Bottom”

Tip prior to reading: “Rock bottom” oft refers to substance use and addiction. I left the majority of terminology broad to allow it to be applied to other areas such as mental health and self-care. […]

Addiction and Self-Care

I am an addict. Yes, your very own “Caring Counselor” is an addict, but not in the traditional sense. I have not once tried drugs or drank alcohol. My addictions are work and women. I recall […]

The ABC’s of Coping

As any therapist new and old will tell you, discussing the usefulness of coping skills is vital with clients of all ages.  I personally tend to have these conversations with my clients more often than […]

A Self-Care Christmas

Like the vast majority of Earth’s population, I dread the commercialization of the holiday season. Everywhere you look there are ads for this year’s gizmo, gadget, and whatchamacallit. The ads have a way of guilt […]

Emotional Intelligence

“Your ability to hold space, practice compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and self-awareness creates exponentially more value than your ability to solve problems, crunch numbers, or strategize. In everything. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and relationships. Heart over head. Capacity […]

“Ass Burgers”

“Ass burgers. It’s a burger for your ass.” It’s not the most mature way to approach this topic but I think about that quote all the time. Mostly because it’s hilarious. Ass burgers. The […]