Month: February 2018

Happiness Might Not Be The Answer

I waltzed through the office door at approximately 8:05AM with my eyes half shut. Nobody never really bothered me for being late, especially since it was Friday morning. Having rolled out of bed about twenty […]

Humor and Its Benefits

I am a psychic. I can prove it. Stop what you are doing…Take a moment…Let your guard down…Reach down to the back of your subconscious…Think back to your best times…Feel as though you are back […]

Sexual Violence and Self-Care

After working in the mental health field for nearly a decade, you would think that there are few things that could catch me off guard. One particular area though always plucks at my heartstrings; Listening […]

Grieving The Abstract

As a mental health counselor, you think you’ve heard it all. The other night though a young man I am working with caught me off guard. This poor guy had been through it all in […]

Taking It To The Next Level

A major decision has been weighing heavy on my mind for several months. For those of you who do not know, I am a mental health counselor in a specialized program for young adults experiencing […]

Active Listening

Listening is a process that requires your full participation and focusing your full attention on the intended audience. Listening is a commitment to understanding how others feel and seeing their perspective. This means putting aside […]