Month: March 2018

Vicarious Trauma

This week was rough. My mental health took a toll on me. I recently transitioned between jobs. I was working two counseling jobs, easily adding up to sixty hours a week. This was all while […]

What Therapy Is and Isn’t

As a psychotherapist on the cusp of being independently licensed, my past few years in the field have been quite emotionally draining.  My personal licensing process has involved countless hours of conducting therapy sessions (group, […]

The Four A’s of Stress Relief

Those suffering from depression and anxiety often possesses rigid thought processes.  Black and white. Yes and no. My way or the highway. One way or another. Typically, situations have to be presented in such a […]

The STOP Method

Although the human brain is a blessing, it has the potential to be a serious burden. All of the times I have nearly rear ended the car in front of me, snapping out of a […]

Five By Five Rule

Earlier this morning, I was having a session at a local diner with an adolescent male I see twice a week. He was initially referred for counseling for anger management after aggravated assault charges and […]

The Complexity of Self-Care

Since the blog started up about nine months ago, I touched on topics ranging from humor to mindfulness to core values to addiction. It has been quite the journey. Over the last week though, I […]