The Complexity of Self-Care

Since the blog started up about nine months ago, I touched on topics ranging from humor to mindfulness to core values to addiction. It has been quite the journey. Over the last week though, I struggled to get my creative juices flowing. I keep scrolling through my phone and Googling “self-care topics” in an effort to brainstorm potential areas of interest. Nothing seemed to work.

I had writer’s block before, but I can usually shake it off after a day or two. This one could not go away. After some reflection, I realized part of the issue. It was not that I did not have enough material to cover. In fact, there is too much to cover.

If you search “self-care topics” on Google, several top results iterate something along the lines of “top 100 ways to care for yourself.” Where do you even start?! This blog alone has had a little over 60 posts in just nine months time.

This writer’s block provided me with a much needed reminder. Self-care is complicated. Most people define self-care as “taking care of yourself,” but it is so much more. It encompasses your entire well-being. It involves self-compassion, self esteem, and self-preservation. It includes your emotions, mental health, spirit, physical health, relationships, finances, etc.

If you feel yourself feeling lost like I did looking for a topic, remember the self-care journey is far from simple. It is a complex, delicate balancing act, ensuring that all facets of our well-being are well-nourished.

-The Caring Counselor

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