The N Word

In today’s day and age, the “n word” carries such a heavy stigma with it. As it rolls off the tongue, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The thought of it scraping across one’s lips makes the strongest stomach churn in agony. I cannot blame them however.

From a young age, we are taught its incredible impact and to not use it. It strips away our innocence and goes against our deep-rooted morals. The belief behind the “n word” greatly affects our closest relationships. It can make friends out of enemies.

We want to believe that the “n word” is a foreign concept, but it is often one we simply avoid. It is easier to avoid than to confront. Confronting it would mean to take action and go against the polarized social climate.

This is where I offer you a challenge. I dare you to say the “n word.” I dare you to act it out. I want you to embrace it and its meaning. I dare you to go against the norm. By doing so, we can build a sense of cohesion in our culture – a sense of togetherness that is most certainly lacking. It will bring a much needed smile to someone’s face. It will ultimately feed right back into one’s self-care and well-being.

Be NICE to each other. Be NICE to your loved ones. Be NICE to random strangers. Most importantly, be NICE to yourself.

-The Caring Counselor

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