Out of the Wreckage

I’ve looked back on the wreckage in my life. It’s kind of like looking at the car wreck you were just in and thinking how did this happen? What did I do? what could I have done? At this point, people start looking for scapegoats and placing blame on someone else or something else. They see the broken glass and twisted metal. The smoke rising from the stalled engine. Anger and fear ensue. Most of the wreckage in my past wasn’t because of me. Someone else was driving, but it didn’t matter because I was in the vehicle as well. Placing blame doesn’t change the end result. We are all a product of the choices we make. Pointing fingers, trying to wish things away, or blaming someone or something won’t fix anything. I needed to pull myself out of the burning car. No one was going to help me do it, and once I was out, I had to understand the situation.

You cannot go back in time.

You cannot wish it all away.

The only thing I could do is accept that it happens and salvage what I could. I had to do what I could for myself, and myself only. I have no control over what others do, only myself and my future. My advice to you is do what your future self would thank you for. Be honest with yourself and the people around you. Understand that the sun will come up tomorrow and you will have another 1440 minutes to do right by you. You are the result of the choices you make. Make them wisely.


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