Open Letter to My Anxiety

Hey you. Yeah, you. We need to talk. I don’t know how to say it, so I’m just going to say it. This relationship just isn’t working. Seriously, let’s face the facts.

We have been off and on for the last fifteen years. You come and go as you want. I lost count how many times you left me. However, every single time you leave, you expect me to let you come back. This back and forth is utterly confusing. It makes it hard to realize what I want.

The way you treat me literally makes me sick. When I said I had a headache, it was not an excuse. You WERE the headache. You made my stomach churn.

You stress me out. When I let you back in, you drove me crazy. The only thing I could think about was you. I lost count of the sleepless nights. I lay there staring at the ceiling with a dumbfounded gaze, hoping it would stop. Except it didn’t stop. My thoughts continued racing all because of you.

Let me say this much though. I am not breaking up with you. I just think we need to slow things down. We certainly have quite the history, and that’s something I can’t let go of so easily. I still remember when we first met. My dad nearly got into a car accident, and there you were when I arrived home, waiting for me. You were right by my side. With no exaggeration, you took my breath away. Oh the memories…

I’ve grown up. I am more mature. I have goals and need to make smarter choices. You’ve gotten in the way of both for far too long. Although I can’t dismiss the time we spent together and the memories we share, our relationship is far too intense. I know you will always be there whether it is for me or not. I just want something more….manageable.

At this point, we are better off being friends, but we can still support each other. Think about it. Your high levels of energy coupled with my motivation, we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. The sky is the limit.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to our next encounter.

-The Caring Counselor

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