Be Like Autumn

We often forget to slow down in today’s rushed society. We run around, get done what we have to, and crash in our beds at the end of the day. This is one hell of an existence. This is why I make sure to stop myself. I literally will stop myself and take a moment out of my day to be in the present. I look around and take in the view. I use these moments to reflect, ground myself back in reality, and feel some inner peace. It might only be for a few seconds all the way up to several minutes.

Sometimes these mindful moments provide a much-needed reminder. Just the other day when I had some down time, I went outside for a walk. When I focus on my surroundings, I do so with intent. I do not use the time to daydream. I use it to make connections and develop insight. For this walk, I ventured to a local park. The idea sprung on me. It was fall!

The leaves went from their vibrant green to a plethora of fiery reds and oranges. I felt the drop in air temperature, as the cool, brisk air settled in. Carried along by a gentle breeze, leaves crinkled across the grass. Little critters like squirrels and birds scurried across the ground in preparation of a long winter.

All of these changes taking place around me got me thinking. Change is inherent in our lives. No matter how much we try to control it, it will always be there. However, those changes may require us to shed parts of us. In doing so, we prep ourselves for the next big step and build ourselves up to it. Sometimes that step requires a time of hibernation to care for ourselves. Despite the dead of winter, we can always expect brighter results when spring comes along.

-The Caring Counselor

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