Combat Limiting Beliefs

I have an addictive personality; if I have even a glass of wine I will become addicted.
I don’t have the stamina to be a social worker; if I work with children, I will cry a lot and not have the ability to separate work from home. Never date a police officer; they have anger problems and feel the need to control every aspect of the relationship, and will most likely cheat on you.

When you’re told something when you’re a child, you are hard wired to believe the adult. When you are told the same thing over and over, this becomes a belief. By definition, a belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. On the contrary, a limiting belief is tells you that the things you want in life are unattainable.

Our thoughts are powerful beings, more so than you’d think. Our thoughts become our daily words that we teach ourselves. What we tell ourselves to be true, we act on that (I can’t date an officer because he will beat me, therefore I will never date a police officer). After a lifetime of believing certain things, that will become our reality. Our reality is based on thoughts that were ingrained into us as children, and never questioned.
I type this, as I drink my glass of wine. Alcohol did not touch my lips until late in the game, because I had so much fear that I would spiral down a hole of dependency that is alcoholism. I work full time with at-risk children, because it is something that I’m passionate and good at; just because my mother is unable to mentally detach herself from the impoverished children in the world does not mean I cannot make a difference in bettering their lives.

“Watching someone else totally go for it can be incredibly upsetting to the person who’s spent a lifetime building a solid case for why they themselves can’t.” WHY can Margie over there drink wine in social situations, while I can’t? WHY can Denise make her career out of helping the next generation without falling into a pit of depression? WHY is Laura happily married to a police officer, yet if it were me I’d be a battered wife? I decided to question my limiting beliefs, reframe my thoughts, and change the course of life that I would have gone down should I followed someone else’s thoughts.

I choose not to have an addictive personality, I am stronger than the addictions others have.

I am strong enough to make a change in children’s lives, and will continue to do so on a daily basis.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve had a bad experience with having relations with a police officer; luckily, I will not put myself in that situation (FYI, I am married to a police officer and I couldn’t have found a better man).

It takes just as much energy to focus on positive aspects in your life than negative. Holding onto to limiting beliefs prevents us from taking action and reaching our full potential and highest dreams. Don’t ever let someone else’s path dictate yours. YOU are in control of your own destiny; As soon as you acknowledge that, you will be able to manifest everything in your wildest dreams.

I challenge you: in what area of your life are you not feeling fulfilled? Write it down. Identify what limiting beliefs are holding you back, and CHANGE them. Change your thoughts, and you’ll change the world.


P.S.I highly suggest reading the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Not only will you be able to implement it in your own therapy practice, but you’ll have a different perspective on your own life.

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