Sh*t Show

I sat here on my couch for a solid half a day off and on, contemplating if I should focus on a self-care tip or take a more personal route with this week’s post. With my life being an absolute shit show right now, I decided to go with the latter. Not only does it help me, but usually others find it beneficial.

Without getting too personal, life bitch slapped me like the six-armed Hindu god Kali. The below image depicts this metaphor. I apologize in advance for my poor drawing abilities.




Every above hand possesses the potential to break a person with a single blunt strike. I literally got hit with all of that in a week’s time.


I like to think of myself as resilient individual. I have been through hell and back. Even I have my limits however. By the time the fifth and sixth blunt strike came from the hands of doom, I practically laid there and took it. I played dead in hopes that the bear would stop attacking and leave me be.

rocky ivan

Once the coast was clear, I rolled over. My life turned into a real shit show. I was fucking spent. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

Even the best of us take a beating once in a while. That part was inevitable. What defined me as a person up until now was my ability to bounce back and manage the aftermath.

Self-care became not just a luxury at this point. It was a necessity. I needed it to get my shit together and make sense of the shit show. I went back to the basics. I took off two days from work, which I seldom do. I engaged in several meditative activities including going for walks and fishing. I spoke with my friends and family about what was going on. I went to therapy and set up medical appointments.

I greatly reduced my expectations of self. I have a bad habit of being hard on myself, but I constantly reminded myself that I was not at my best right now. Understandably so, I needed to heal and get back up on my feet. Doing the bare minimum and taking care of myself was perfectly fine until I whipped myself back into shape.

I tapped into my logic during a time when my emotional tank was on empty. I utilized reasoning to counteract the distorted reality that this shit show painted. I relied heavily on my common sense to guide me through these beginning stages of refueling my energy.

Sometimes we really do just need a break and using that time to fall back on essential self-care. After getting knocked down repeatedly, we fall back onto tools, support, and wisdom. We do so in order to wade through the shit show and champion life once again.

rocky on top

-The Caring Counselor


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