Consistency Amongst The Chaos

To say the least, today’s world is out of control. 2020 = complete and utter chaos. We have all felt its effects by this point. To add to the craziness, yours truly decided to start two new part-time jobs on top of my full-time one.

Each week I talk to a health guide who was assigned to me by my health insurance. They nominated me given my health history, and it is free of charge. I gladly take any extra help I can get.

He has turned out to be a fantastic resource. He helped me jump over some major health hurdles with relatively simple lifestyle changes. I would say that I have been working with him for the better part of 2020 and just before coronavirus took over the world. This will be important to note for where I am going with this post.

Today he called me. He started off with his general check-in. I did not hold back and jumped right into it. I admitted that it has been difficult to maintain my healthy habits amidst the stress. Everyone felt chaotic and out of my control. Typically, the first thing I lost track of when I am stressed was my diet and exercise.

As I reviewed the week with him, I realized I still reached three out of my four weekly goals. Shit, I was still on track.

Knowing me pretty well at this point, my health guide asked me how I was able to focus on these habits with all of the adjustments around me. I realized I was actually using these habits as a fallback instead of a nuisance. With the world around me in turmoil, I leaned on what I could control. My health habits relied on my decision making and concrete goal setting.

My nutrition and exercise helped balance out my environment. It gave me a sense of momentum and consistency among the crazy ass world we live in presently. I advise you to do the same. Pick a hobby or habit where you can feel a sense of control. Even something expressive like art or writing provides structure and relies on your neurons.

Look for consistency amongst the chaos.

-The Caring Counselor

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