Hindsight is 2020

It is over. It is finally over. For God’s sake, 2020 is over. In my thirty years of existence, 2020 takes the cake as the craziest one thus far. It sure as hell hit hard with its fair share of downs with ups sprinkled in every so often.

Even with the chaos 2020 brought, New Year’s Day still offers us the opportunity to rejuvenate, rejoice, and reflect. To ring in 2021, I am carrying on with my annual blog tradition. It is time to look back on how I did with the New Year’s resolutions I set forth a year ago and establishing my 2021 resolutions in writing.

To check out last year’s blog entry, click here: https://caringcounselor.blog/2020/01/01/2020-vision/

2020 Goal #1- Lose weight. Last year I broke this one down into two daily/weekly sub-goals.

Daily/Weekly Sub-Goal #1- Track my diet at least 6 out of 7 days a week.  Up until about two months ago, I have to say I did a damn good job of this. I did everything in my power to make this goal achievable and realistic. I used a FitBit and the phone app that goes along with it. Nearly everything I consumed was already on the app with the calorie count. Also, following a suggestion I often give to clients, I set up three daily alarms on my phone (noon, evening, and bedtime) to input my calories. For one, my phone is attached to my hip, so the alarms served as an easy reminder throughout my day. The alarms and preceding notifications embedded the tracking into my routine.

I enjoy the tracking aspect. It gives me hard data to see how I am doing on a daily and weekly basis. I rarely missed a day until Halloween of this year. That was unfortunately the day my father passed. As one can expect, tracking my diet went on the backburner. I mean I still did it but inconsistently. I tracked for a few days and then would not for the next few.

Update to Daily/Weekly Sub-Goal #1- Goal to be continued into 2021. I did it before, and I know I can do it again. I fell off track for obvious reasons. I suffered a major tragedy, and the first thing to go were my daily habits. I saw how important and beneficial tracking was for my physical health, so I am carrying this one over.

Daily/Weekly Sub-Goal #2- Be active at least three days a week. With some help from a health guide, I figured out some ways to stay active and not push my body too hard (been dealing with fibromyalgia for the last five years). Taking long walks and playing basketball turned into my go-to activities. Once I got into the groove, keeping up my activity levels was easy enough. I blew this goal out of the water.

Update to Daily/Weekly Sub-Goal #2- To be discontinued in 2021. I proved to myself that I can do it. My focus shifts over to my diet more so than my activity level.

2021 Goal #1- Lose weight. Lose at least fifteen pounds and keep it off. I have the knowledge. Now I just need to apply it. I went to a nutritionist a few weeks back, and she did not even have anything to add. I know what works for me. I know what I have to do. I even lost a few pounds this year at a safe rate of about two to four pounds a month. I am pushing 275 pounds right now. I would like to get that under 260 pounds and then some.

2020 Goal #2- Trust at least one individual on an intimate level. Ideally, I wanted this goal to be achieved with a romantic partner, but 2020 had to fuck that up. Dating during a worldwide pandemic – enough said. However, COVID-19 gave me the time to reconnect with a lot of family. I made stronger friendships from it all too.

When my dad passed away on Halloween too, it left a huge emotional void. He was my best friend and number one fan. I leaned heavily on my family and friends during this time and rekindled a few lost relationships as a result.

2021 Goal #2- Trust at least one individual on an intimate level. Dedicate more time to The Caring Counselor. You want to know something funny? I am actually bringing back this goal from 2019. This was literally Goal #2 two years ago. Much like tracking my diet, writing for my blog turned inconsistent. I went from posting at least weekly to every two to three weeks. When I do not write, I feel the difference. I lose focus. I lose the opportunity to sit down and process my thoughts. I even lose the chance to potentially help someone else out when they read it. All in all, this blog has helped me tremendously. That is why I want to get back on track with it and post at least once a week again.

Here is to a happy and healthy new year!

-The Caring Counselor

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