Nurture Your Feelings

Checking my Facebook timeline this morning, my friend posted the article from the Huffington Post:

Other than it basically summing up everything my blog has been saying for the last three months 😉, it is true. We are ALL hitting a wall right now. I felt myself slowly deteriorating a few weeks ago. Not just that but literally everyone around me (friends, family, and colleagues) vented to me around the clock. My feelings tank hovered above “E.”

I went on a little four-day excursion about two hours from where I live. It worked. It refilled my tank. Over the last week or so however, I genuinely felt the difference it made. Generally speaking, I felt more focused. My confidence was back. I followed through on my daily goals such as diet and exercise. I kept in touch with friends and family rather than avoiding them. Getting out of bed did not feel like a chore.

I brought this realization to the attention of both my therapist and health guide. It dawned on me how essential keeping my feelings in check balanced out my entire well-being. By managing my feelings, everything else fell into place. My emotions truly set the tone for me. If they go sour, so do my thought patterns, behaviors, and interactions.

Now, I get that it may not be the same for every person who reads this. I am emotional person (hence why I became a therapist). It very well could be that an individual needs to nurture a different part of their well-being such as their physical health or even social health. It all goes hand-in-hand. Whatever it may be, ensure you nurture it.

-The Caring Counselor

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