The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree, Pt. 2

Shortly after I wrote my last blog post about how my behaviors mimicked those of my father, I came across the above picture on my Facebook timeline.

You know, this was always part of my internal conflict about my parents. My rational side clearly knew my parents were flawed. It is a wonder I did not come out of that situation more fucked up than I already am. Both my mom and dad made more than their fair share of mistakes. Those apples smacked me right on the top of the head.

My emotional side saw my parents as these invincible beings raised high on pedestals made of solid gold. That is my mom and dad. There was nobody better. Clearly irrational thinking, but I still loved them dearly.

It was not all bad. For all the shit they put me through, not only did they bestow chaos upon me, but they also taught me how to be a better man. I learned a lot of lifelong lessons from both of them. They taught me how to treat people with kindness. They taught me how to stand up for myself. My parents ensured that I grew up with a combination of street and book smarts. They definitely made sure that I had everything I needed as their little baby.

My parents ultimately helped shape my identity going all the way back to when they gave me my name and my nickname. I could not help myself from taking a bite out of the good apples that fell nearby too. I hope to give other people a taste of these apples too one day. All thanks to my mom and dad.

-The Caring Counselor

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