The Caring Counselor Year in Review (2021)

This has become an annual tradition for yours truly. And, yes, I have probably said this every time since I started doing this in 2018. New Year’s offers a time of reflection. It gives us a benchmark to look back on the progress or lack thereof that we made over the last 365 days.

To save my hands from typing out my goals and progress prior to this year, feel free to check out last year’s review here:

2021 Goal #1- Lose at least fifteen pounds and keep it off. Ok, yeah, that didn’t happen. I didn’t gain any weight, but I sure as hell didn’t lose it. What I can say however is that I definitely made progress in making healthier choices. I had the data to back it up. Thank you, FitBit. Towards the end of the year, I consistently hit 6,000 steps four or five times a week. My meal choices also switched up more towards healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and organic snacks.

Updated 2022 Goal #1- Keep up the momentum. I would like to continue meeting my goal of 6,000 steps 3-4 times per week. That seems to be the go-to number for me. It doesn’t take a toll on my body or flare up my fibromyalgia pain. It is more than attainable, and I demonstrated to myself for several months now that I can do it. One revision I would like to make to this goal would be my consistency with tracking my food. I notice a huge difference in my meal choices between when I don’t track versus when I do. Realistically, I would like to track at least 6 out of 7 days each week due to social gatherings or holidays that might make it difficult to track what I exactly ate.

2021 Goal #2- Dedicate more time to The Caring Counselor. This past year I fell off with this one. I wanted to post on a weekly basis. It ended up turning into a biweekly chore. This blog provides a safe space for weekly reflection. I do not feel like I have used it to its full potential. By doing so, I am doing myself a disservice and not putting information/insight out there that could potentially help others.

Updated 2022 Goal #2- Blog at least once a week. I. Need. This. This blog has meant so much to me and so many of my readers. It has been pivotal in my self-improvement journey. I am making it my goal to get back on the horse and continue providing at least weekly blog posts. There may be some other tricks up my sleeve later this year too, but that is still yet to be determined.

-The Caring Counselor

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