Time to Refresh

My self-care journey started over five years ago at this point. I literally began from scratch and learned how to incorporate self-care basics into my daily routine. My self-care developed into deeper insight, a spiritual connection, and learning about my inner turmoil and its effects.

Boy, oh, boy, and has it been a journey. However, thinking back to when I started my trek, I realized it has been a while since I really visited those foundational concepts that got me. I think that I might spend some time over the next few weeks of this blog revisiting them and sharing my thoughts/feelings now on them. It could serve as a good time to reflect and see what progress I made (or did not make) over the last five years. Even with just a quick Google search, I found some new self-care frameworks that I wanted to share.

I need to keep myself fresh and up-to-date. Does this make me “hip” like all the cool kids say?

-The Caring Counselor

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