MORE Hard Work Paid Off

Honestly, things have been going pretty well in the world of the Caring Counselor.

  • Work has been busy, but I am doing what I set out to do over a decade ago as both a mental health counselor and adjunct professor at my alma mater. Just as of last week, I procured another significant credential to be a clinical supervisor for up-and-coming counselors too.
  • My family relationships have significantly improved, especially with my mom. I set boundaries with her and stayed firm with them. We had some difficult conversations in that timeframe, but conversations that needed to be had. Since then, I can actually talk to my mom on the phone for more than five minutes without getting annoyed. She has even provided support by listening when i needed her to, which she didn’t always do before.
  • My health has been better as of late too. I finally got some answers to what was going on with my stomach and found out that it was manageable and could potentially go away through appropriate dieting. My fibromyalgia symptoms feel under control and have not flared up in several months (*knocks on wood*).
  • My love life is even picking up. I have a girlfriend (still feels weird to say). A health relationship to boot and with someone who accepts me for me and communicates.

I am honestly not used to having consistent success across all four areas of my life. It feels weird and uncomfortable. I am so used to everything going wrong or waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I had to take a step back and just feel proud, savor my success, and enjoy the moment. I admit that it isn’t easy to follow through on it, and staying in the moment is hard. However, it definitely makes it worthwhile to confront the harsh reality to enjoy the calmer reality that follows.

-The Caring Counselor

P.S. I know I am a few days behind on my promise of writing a post every week, but I will write another by the end of this week to make up for it.

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