Grace Over Guilt

By far, I am my own worst critic. I am notorious for self-deprecation. Given my long trauma history, black-and-white thinking, and unrealistic expectations of myself, it’s easy to go down that rabbit hole.

Personally, I like to have little mantras to keep myself in check. Just short sayings that I can repeat to myself from time to time to stay even keel.

A long while back, I wrote about my old therapist telling me at the end of every session, “Be nice to yourself.” If only she knew that her words would stick with me nearly a decade later.

Following a discussion about guilt and my recent weight gain, my health reiterated the words, “Grace over guilt.” I needed to give myself some leeway, especially during those difficult times. The last thing I needed was to take it out on myself.

I often find myself repeating my dad’s famous saying, “Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.” Even though he isn’t here in his corporeal form, his words left an impact and guide me when needed most.

I am a big fan of “It is what it is” when it comes to radical acceptance.

I highly suggest finding some quotes to help you make it through the day and ones that are just enough to help shift your attitude back into the right direction. That one quote could save your entire day from falling to shambles.

-The Caring Counselor

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