You’re Doing It

To my loyal readers, I apologize for being MIA the last several weeks. I know so many of you are going through Caring Counselor withdrawal after not hearing from me for six weeks. (Please note my sarcasm.)

In all seriousness, my writing took a backseat in recent weeks. I feel split between three jobs and a girlfriend/ family. I continue to work as a full-time clinical director and part-time adjunct professor. That’s enough to take up a chunk of your day. However, I have gotten deeper into my ultimate career goal of starting my own business, well, private practice. And, boy, this shit ain’t easy.

My loved ones have played such an integral part in me following through on this venture. One particular individual stepped up and pushed me from the beginning to do it – my girlfriend. She acted as a catalyst months ago to start looking into private practice, and I can tell she has been genuinely excited for me throughout the entire process.

With that being said, I texted her the other night after work. I provided her with a quick update on a few private practice related items. She replied with how happy and proud she was of me.

Upon taking in her affirmation, I texted back, “I’m trying.”

Without missing a beat, she sent back this message, “You’re doing it.”

Shit. She was right (as always). For some reason though, it really struck me. Here I was slaving away for hours on end to get where I want to be. I saw the effort and the “trying” behind all of it. When she said that though, her words made it real. I wasn’t just trying. I was doing.

– The Caring Counselor

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