His Last Gifts

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So you know, yesterday (February 27th) would have been your 66th birthday. Although it has gotten easier to manage my feelings around anniversaries and holidays, it doesn’t mean I miss you any less. It’s been just over two years and three birthdays since you left this world. At least in the physical sense. I still feel like you are here. I talk to you like you can still hear me, and I sure hope you do.

Just a few weeks ago, I looked up to the heavens asking for a sign that you were proud of everything I was doing with my life. I kept thinking back to when I would call you up and give you updates on my career, health, etc. You always said how proud you were of me and that the only thing missing in my life was a “good woman.”

Oddly enough, a little over a year after your passing, I met the love of my life. She has been nothing short of amazing, complements in every way possible, and has given me the most stable, healthy relationship you can imagine. She is, by far, the epitome of the “good woman” you wanted me to have in my life. It just so happens that she also shares your birthday. I guess there is something seriously special about the day.

I also think you finally “answered” my call yesterday too. I received a letter in the mail from the funeral home who put on your memorial service and helped put you to rest. The letter stated the following:

Thank you for your continued payments on the account. We are grateful to you in trusting us for the services for your loved one and your continued payments on the account balance. We have decided to discount off the remaining balances of the funeral services for your faithfulness.

The remaining balance that they speak – close to $1,400. All of it was waived by the funeral home, and this happened during a time where I am spending nearly every extra dollar I have towards opening a private practice. I just had to receive this letter on your birthday.

For anyone who knows me, I like to think I am a rational, objective thinker. However, not everything in our natural world can be explained. Dad, you sure know how to throw me for a loop. I miss you, and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

-The Caring Counselor

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