Take a Moment

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The “what if” mentality appeared as the theme of the week. Almost all of my clients came in complaining about severe bouts of anxiety, primarily fueled by ruminating thoughts. Being in that headspace quickly snowballs out of control. The next thing you know you are falling down the rabbit hole.

Ultimately, we get pulled away from the present moment and down one of the infinite cognitive pathways. We attempt to be psychics of our own fate. However, seldom do these situations ever come to fruition.

It does us no good to waste our time and energy on the uncertain. That is exactly why I had to tell countless clients that it is okay to stop and think. People underestimate the power of taking a moment. Taking five to ten seconds to reel yourself back in and feel grounded in the moment can change the course of your day.

In just those few seconds, so much can happen. It might be just enough time to organize yourself or write a list to get everything off of your mind. It could help you make a more appropriate decision and save yourself hours of headaches. It might be enough to help you feel a sense of peace or gratitude. That time allows you to focus on what you can control rather than the unknown.

With that being said, I challenge you just to take a moment from time to time. Count out a few seconds and take in your surroundings. Reflect on what you have right then and there. That is your current reality.

-The Caring Counselor

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