Make A Move

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I spent the last thirty-three years of my life living within the confines of America’s armpit. I call southern New Jersey home and never imagined I would be typing this next sentence. In the next three to four weeks, I am doing my best George Washington impression and crossing the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.

I feel more like Benedict Arnold going from New Jersey to PA, but I have good reason for doing so. My girlfriend and her two children live over there. It sure as hell is not fair to uproot the kids from their home when I can just slide on over there. Plus, I don’t have that much to bring with me honestly.

However, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for yours truly. There will be massive changes in store. I am moving to a whole new area. I will be living with a significant other for the first time ever. I need to adjust my schedule to take travel into consideration for work. There will be two children that are my responsibility. Just a lot to digest.

Like most people, I am not the biggest fan of change. It doesn’t matter if the change is good or bad. Either way, it will still rattles my nerves. What is important is how I react to this transition.

Thankfully, I am not in a position where I am being rushed out of one residence into the other. I am taking full advantage of that and moving myself into my new home slowly. Each trip I take to my girlfriend’s home, I grab a box or two to bring with me. We built a piece of furniture or two each weekend I come up rather than throwing it together all at once. It has helped to take it at a slower pace and lead to a more comfortable environment.

Also, having the support of my amazing girlfriend has made the move so much easier. She understands that I am not the best with these things, but her flexibility helps. Having someone that is understanding and compassionate by my side definitely eases the anxiety.

For such a major change, it is going about as smoothly as it can. It is happening by breaking down an overwhelming task into smaller pieces and having the right support system in place. Soon enough, I will be calling PA home.

-The Caring Counselor

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