Moving It Right

A bit of a follow-up on my last post. I’m in the midst of a move from my home state of New Jersey (born, raised, and resided for the last 33 years) across the Delaware to our neighbor Pennsylvania.

I do not fair well with change – any kind of change. Good or bad. I think that’s the case for most people, as people often like consistency. We like predictability. We like to know what is happening next.

With that being said, I took on a lot of transition at once. I am still in the relatively early stages of opening my own practice. My new semester as a professor starts in two weeks. Throw a move in on top of that.

I knew what I had to do before I even made my first move. It helps to know when you’re entering a situation that you know causes your stress. I had the insight to know how my mind and body will react to it. Traditionally, they have not done well. Typically, I ruminate, plagued with anxiety, and my fibromyalgia, specifically pain and fatigue, flare up.

Therefore, I made a plan. I am thankfully in a position where I’m not being pushed out of the house. Each weekend when I visited my girlfriend, we built one or two pieces of furniture, and I brought a couple of bags.

I made it a point to rest when I could. I didn’t push the point. If I had work that could wait until the next day, then it did. If I felt like doing it, then I did it. It was going to get done either way.

I also have myself grace during this period. I knew I was more than likely not going to be 100% at some point. Exhaustion, pain, and anxiety were to be expected. I communicated these feelings when I felt necessary, and everyone has been more than understanding.

Ultimately, having a support system who sympathizes provided that extra layer of comfort. My girlfriend has been nothing short of amazing with her validation and planning alongside me. My friends have helped me move or at least listen to me gripe.

This whole thing has been a process. A long, drawn out, but worth it, process. It hasn’t been easy, but it is almost done. As of next week, I’ll be a Pennsylvania resident.

– The Caring Counselor

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