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A Caring Counselor Update

Back in June 2017, I took a risk in starting this website. It was an idea I bounced around for a few months in the back of my mind. I spoke to a few friends […]

Overcoming Suicide

It often takes a lot to push an individual to the ledge. Their toes curl around the edge gripping to one last bit of humanity. Looking downward at what seems to be the sole resolution […]

What Therapy Is and Isn’t

As a psychotherapist on the cusp of being independently licensed, my past few years in the field have been quite emotionally draining.  My personal licensing process has involved countless hours of conducting therapy sessions (group, […]

Sexual Violence and Self-Care

After working in the mental health field for nearly a decade, you would think that there are few things that could catch me off guard. One particular area though always plucks at my heartstrings; Listening […]

Can You See Things My Way?

  It was 8:30 at night.  I received a call on my cell phone from my dad, asking if I had gotten home from work yet.  I told him no, as I had stopped for […]

The ABC’s of Coping

As any therapist new and old will tell you, discussing the usefulness of coping skills is vital with clients of all ages.  I personally tend to have these conversations with my clients more often than […]

Emotional Intelligence

“Your ability to hold space, practice compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and self-awareness creates exponentially more value than your ability to solve problems, crunch numbers, or strategize. In everything. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and relationships. Heart over head. Capacity […]