How to Stop Ruminating

I dread late nights. I am not talking about the late nights where you get home late after a long night of fun. I mean the ones where you are laying in bed for four […]

Seeing the Difference

Being the critical thinker that I am, I decided to engage in a short-term experiment. As I have shared in previous entries, doctors are treating me for chronic pain and fatigue that they believed to […]

Being Assertive with Yourself

There are three primary communication styles – passive, aggressive, and assertive. Passive- ┬áCommon names for these individuals are “doormats,” “people pleasers,” “teacher’s pet,” “the nice guy,” “the quiet type,” or “doormat.” A popular example of […]

Sleep Hygiene

I always found the quiet of the night to be the most peaceful, and also my most productive hours. It was void of distraction. Nighttime allowed my mind to finally have its moment to shine […]

Goals Vs. Expectations

A few days ago, I was getting to know a new client during an initial session. Usually, the first session or two is getting to understand the primary issues and identifying treatment goals. While he […]

The Ongoing Struggle

With every entry I post, I input a minute piece of myself. It helps me to write about the experience. Today is no different. Every few weeks, I find myself falling backwards into a depressive […]