The Padded Room Hypothesis

You wake up one morning. You are not feeling quite like yourself. Something is off. Your neurons fire in multiple directions, or you are hearing colors. You throw open your front door in what feels […]

Third Place Policy

The counseling profession emphasizes the importance of understanding the individual. I always was open to other points of view though to open up my horizons. I wanted subject matter that would complement this “individual” perspective […]

Exterminate Those ANTs

Living out in the woods as a child, I encountered critters. This included multiple infestations inside my own home. I had battles with eight foot snakes. An entire colony of bats lived in my chimney […]

Adaptability of Self-Care

You really think you have seen it all when you work in the mental health field. Once in a while, your clients like to remind you that you have not. The client of interest this […]

War of Self

The first half of 2018 was not kind to me. I lost my childhood home to foreclosure. I broke my ankle. I was in a pretty serious car accident in a vehicle I owned for […]

Overcoming Suicide

It often takes a lot to push an individual to the ledge. Their toes curl around the edge gripping to one last bit of humanity. Looking downward at what seems to be the sole resolution […]

It Is Never The Answer

The topic of suicide prevention has once again become a focal point of discussion following two more celebrity suicides. RIP Katie Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Whenever I hear the news of another suicide whether it […]