Sleep Hygiene

I always found the quiet of the night to be the most peaceful, and also my most productive hours. It was void of distraction. Nighttime allowed my mind to finally have its moment to shine […]

Goals Vs. Expectations

A few days ago, I was getting to know a new client during an initial session. Usually, the first session or two is getting to understand the primary issues and identifying treatment goals. While he […]

The Ongoing Struggle

With every entry I post, I input a minute piece of myself. It helps me to write about the experience. Today is no different. Every few weeks, I find myself falling backwards into a depressive […]


I have had several peers reach out to me since I started this blog. They all said they found the information helpful (which I greatly appreciate hearing by the way), but they were still struggling. […]

One Way to Develop Self-Care Insight

As part of my personality and profession, I like to think I am good at provide suggestions and helping others process their way through a plethora of difficult situations. Where I struggle is being able […]

Validating Yourself

On nearly every job interview I have gone on, it starts off with the same question. “Tell us about yourself.” It takes every ounce of strength for me not to cringe hearing those words exit […]

I got this.

Three of the most dangerous words I ever uttered to myself. These words caused me more mental torment, anguish, and suffering than I would like to admit. I lied to myself numerous times at some […]