Deranged Through The Ages- Episode #5- Little Albert

Jess and I (Bubba) take a look into one of the most mysterious identities in psychology history. We look into the identity of one Little Albert who was the subject of several experiments by famous […]


Jordan’s Journey

For this episode, my friend Jordan joins us to share her story about life with not only obsessive compulsive disorder, but also an eating disorder. She talks about her development of symptoms, how it impacted […]

One Minute Mindfulness

  People are always in a rush. Our brains going constantly, and our feet are on the run. As a result, it is difficult for us to find time to be present. This is why […]

The Bipolar Barbie

We’re back! In our first podcast back, I get the chance to talk to the influential “Bipolar Barbie.” Hailing from Australia, B has suffered a long history of trauma, addiction, and mental illness. She did not let it stop her from becoming the mental health advocate she is today with a social media following of nearly 100k across all platforms. Check it out and learn from the conversation like I did!