If you have been following the Caring Counselor blog, you have probably noticed a sharp drop in the amount of content being put out the past few weeks. I take personal responsibility for it and apologize to my audience. However, I needed a break and had to turn my focus inward. The culmination of family conflict, my haunting past, and health issues fed into a few weeks of moderate depression. In a way though, these past few weeks gave me an opportunity to reflect.

It reminded me of one of my favorite self-care related images/quotes on the Internet. If you follow my Instagram page, you may have seen the above image posted a few weeks back. I fell in love with it though when I was scrolling through Google’s image search and posted it immediately to Instagram.

Over the last few weeks, I replayed this image in my head. I picked it apart for my own interpretation that would serve as a personal mantra.

  • The “Pulse” In my opinion, it serves two purposes. Naturally, the pulse possesses a natural “ups and down” just like the roller coaster of life. It demonstrates the reality of recovery. Moving forward, there will be bumps in the road. There will be times where we feel like we are on top of the world. There will be times where we need to pull back or push harder. In the end, it all balances out. The pulse also represents living through recovery. Life presents us with challenges that we can handle. Our pulse will beat on through the obstacles and help us to maintain our journey.
  • The Flowers Simply put, this is the growth along our journey. No matter if you are at a high or low point, you now have knowledge, techniques, support, etc. that you did not have at earlier points in your recovery. They will assist you in overcoming the low points and working towards the higher ones. You grow into the individual you want to become.

In terms of self-care, sometimes we need a reminder in the form of a quote, positive affirmation, or saying. It kindles inspiration during dark times. It pulls at our heart strings and taps into our core beliefs. It brings motivation out of us from the deepest corners of our psyche. It is something we can always carry with us in its abstract form to help us win the ongoing battle within.

Life is a roller coaster. Let’s enjoy the ride.

-The Caring Counselor


Posted by thecrazycounselor

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