Category: Self-Care Basics

Humor and Its Benefits

I am a psychic. I can prove it. Stop what you are doing…Take a moment…Let your guard down…Reach down to the back of your subconscious…Think back to your best times…Feel as though you are back […]

Sexual Violence and Self-Care

After working in the mental health field for nearly a decade, you would think that there are few things that could catch me off guard. One particular area though always plucks at my heartstrings; Listening […]

Active Listening

Listening is a process that requires your full participation and focusing your full attention on the intended audience. Listening is a commitment to understanding how others feel and seeing their perspective. This means putting aside […]

One Minute Mindfulness

I miss being a kid. I played with toy cars, superheroes, and stuffed animals. I went outside from sunup to sundown, coming in for lunch. I made sure not to miss my favorite cartoons on […]

Helping Others to Help Yourself

I was feeling nostalgic. I cleared out the middle of my bedroom floor. I mustered up enough strength to pull a large, blue, 50-gallon plastic tote from the back of my closet. This tote contains […]

New Year, New Me

As the year comes to a close, the hot topic around the water cooler is New Year’s resolutions.  The barrage of questions comes in. “What are you gonna work on?” “You tryna lose weight like everyone […]

The Myth of “Rock Bottom”

Tip prior to reading: “Rock bottom” oft refers to substance use and addiction. I left the majority of terminology broad to allow it to be applied to other areas such as mental health and self-care. […]