Category: Self-Care Basics

Medication and Self-Care

Disclaimer: I must preface this with I am not a medical professional. I am not trying to tell anyone how to take their medications or to stop their medications by any means. This post is […]

A Caring Counselor Update

Back in June 2017, I took a risk in starting this website. It was an idea I bounced around for a few months in the back of my mind. I spoke to a few friends […]

Content Vs Process

Many individuals believe that my job consists of trying to figure out the “why” behind their presenting issue(s). People spend decades looking for answers to their life’s biggest conundrums, driving themselves crazy in the process. […]

Positive Self-Talk

Working on a classroom assignment, my friend looked over at me. He asked, “Did you ask me something?” I peered back confused, “No, why?” “I heard you saying something.” “Oh, I was talking to myself.” […]

Thoughts and Prayers

There was a time when saying that you had someone in your “thoughts and prayers” was meaningful and appreciated. When someone says that it nowadays, it often feels like apathetic. The phrase gets bashed all […]

The Padded Room Hypothesis

You wake up one morning. You are not feeling quite like yourself. Something is off. Your neurons fire in multiple directions, or you are hearing colors. You throw open your front door in what feels […]

Third Place Policy

The counseling profession emphasizes the importance of understanding the individual. I always was open to other points of view though to open up my horizons. I wanted subject matter that would complement this “individual” perspective […]