Category: Personal Reminders

A Self-Care Christmas

Like the vast majority of Earth’s population, I dread the commercialization of the holiday season. Everywhere you look there are ads for this year’s gizmo, gadget, and whatchamacallit. The ads have a way of guilt […]

Embrace Your Crazy

I am a mental health counselor with a mental illness. I know, hard to believe, right? I have my own mental health issues that span the better part of the last fifteen years. I suffer […]

Incorporating the Old Into The New

At my own counseling session the other day, I presented an interesting conundrum to my therapist. I informed my her that I finally tapped into parts of my personality that were hidden since my high […]

The Attitude of Gratitude

I was eating dinner with a few friends. Suddenly, my phone rang, and I ignored it. It rang again. I figured it was important if the person was calling me again. I pulled my phone […]

Trigger Season

In the middle of October, I took a trip to my local Wal-Mart looking for a bike lock. As I started walking down towards the outdoors area, I saw a tremendous array of Halloween decorations […]

Making the Connections

I will admit that this website drastically surpassed any expectations I ever had. This  initially started off as an idea that my counselor and I discussed to simply share my thoughts on self-care. I figured […]

Acceptance of the Unknown

Mankind’s greatest fear is that of the unknown. However, the unknown encompasses every aspect of our daily lives. There are problems that we cannot pinpoint. We are unsure of how someone might react to our […]