Category: Personal Reminders

It’s Always There

“I have a secret to tell you. You know it’s always there — in the back of your mind.” I oversaw a small partial care program for roughly two years. Roughly 15 to 20 clients […]

In for the Long Haul

I admit that I can get away with things as a community-based mental health counselor that the average counselor dreams of. I get to take my clients out into the community to parks, restaurants, community […]

The Power of Understanding

Working as an in-home counselor, I can do things that typical counselors cannot. Just the other day I took one of my clients out to lunch for our session. This young man has been on […]

Vicarious Trauma

This week was rough. My mental health took a toll on me. I recently transitioned between jobs. I was working two counseling jobs, easily adding up to sixty hours a week. This was all while […]

Five By Five Rule

Earlier this morning, I was having a session at a local diner with an adolescent male I see twice a week. He was initially referred for counseling for anger management after aggravated assault charges and […]

The Complexity of Self-Care

Since the blog started up about nine months ago, I touched on topics ranging from humor to mindfulness to core values to addiction. It has been quite the journey. Over the last week though, I […]

Happiness Might Not Be The Answer

I waltzed through the office door at approximately 8:05AM with my eyes half shut. Nobody never really bothered me for being late, especially since it was Friday morning. Having rolled out of bed about twenty […]